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Why Philomath Performing Arts?

Philomath Performing Arts makes education an experience. From the classroom to the stage, programs like Concert Band, Choir, Theater, and Jazz Band are helping students of all ages grow creatively and push the limits of imagination. Students find family, inspiration, and training in performance skills, all while making memories that will last a lifetime. Explore the program further below:

Learn how our program is making a difference:

What do our students have to say?

“ Band was my escape. It was the one place where I didn’t have to worry about anything and I could just be happy.”

– A. H.

“ For some people, doodling clears the mind.  For me, it is music.  Singing, playing , listening and even thinking up new songs. “

– R. G.

“Band has impacted my life in many ways.  It helped me feel things I never felt. It helped me understand the world in a different way.”

– E. C.

“ Music makes me feel like I can express myself in way other than talking.”

– C. H.

“Band has given me much: music, friends and a future career as a musician.  In return, it has taken my time, effort and breath.”

– C. G.

“ Music speaks to me in ways nothing else can.”

– A. K.

“Band has impacted my life in many ways.  It helped me feel things I never felt. It helped me understand the world in a different way.”

– E. C.

“Band has always been my favorite class.  I was finally able to do something I love in school with the people I feel comfortable around. “

– B. L.

“The Philomath Performing Arts programs are the most important driving force shaping my life today.  Their ability to be open to all students and to teach them the language of such a passionate art is priceless in the creation and betterment of young peoples’ paths.  I truly believe that supporting the arts is the gateway to their success.”

– O. C. L.

“Being in band is like having a second family- a family of people that perform together in a way that gives a unique and wonderful feeling, and arguably the best feeling.”

– A. M.

“ Drama has really helped me make new friends.  I’ve been happy recently because of how many new friends I’ve made this year. “

– C. L.

“ Music has helped me experience a whole new world. Whenever I play or listen to music, I feel happier than I typically am.”

– T.F.

“I can truly say that if it wasn’t for the love and support I got from Philomath Performing Arts, I would be living a life with no meaning. Philomath Performing Arts gave me an outlet when no one and nothing else could. It’s imperative to share the intimacy, the vibrancy, and the patience and tolerance performing arts embodies with everyone. If it weren’t for Philomath Performing Arts, I would not be here to share the love it provides”.

– K.W.

“Band changed my life forever. It taught me to have confidence, be myself, and enjoy life, but, most importantly, it taught me to love.”

– A. H.

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